10 Incredible 2017 Movie Characters

We'll never forget these original movie characters.

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Hollywood has always been a tough place for original material. Remakes, sequels, adaptations, and derivative works have been the cinema's bread and butter since motion pictures started telling stories. Because of this, original material is always a breath of fresh air.

This year has been an interesting time for established franchises. X-Men and Star Wars completely bucked their fans expectations with dramatic re-imaginings of their material, and Ridley Scott delivered a one-two punch with two sequels to his most beloved science fiction films (even if the first punch was a wide miss). In between the marketing gears of big budget Hollywood, we saw an astonishing number of character driven films, both big and small.

In this list, we're going to run down 10 of the most unforgettable original characters from 2017 movies. Some of these characters are new additions to established canon, and some are new faces in their own original stories. But in both cases, these characters are all excellent examples of what great acting and great writing can do together.

And be warned: Spoilers ahead.


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