10 Incredible Monsters In 10 Not-So Incredible Movies

Monster movies are the ones that stuck with us as children. Whether it’s that first time you first saw Godzilla…

Nelson Cabral



Monster movies are the ones that stuck with us as children. Whether it’s that first time you first saw Godzilla on the television or King Kong on a Sunday afternoon, you remembered those brazen-city-crushing-creatures for the rest of the day. They intrigued us, whether it was through their horrific actions or that we sympathized with them, the movie monster is the abhorrent combination of our fears.

The very word “monster” is Latin for monstrum, a biological perversion of the norm and most monsters are just that: a physical abnormality.  One of the most famous monsters is, arguably, Frankenstein. Credited as a question mark and later as Frankenstein’s Monster, Boris Karloff showed us early on that what we fear most is what we do not understand. It is that fear of the unknown that stirs the imagination and instills terror across all mediums of entertainment.

Over the last 100 hundred years of cinema there have been countless memorable monsters that will be forever be cemented in film. This list, is for those other guys. Those fantastic monsters who didn’t get the right budget, the right fleshed out story and in return have been forgotten.

Before we go on, let it be said that there is a distinct difference between camp and just plain bad. This list tends to fall into the latter category but some do tred that wonderful grey area.

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10. Monster That Challenged The World (1957)


Legendary western actor Tim Holt stars in the Monster That Challenged The World in one of his last leading roles. Like many actors of that era, Holt ended up in several schlock-busters towards the end of his career but not many are on par with this one.

Unlike most 50’s sci-fi monster movies, it isn’t some sort of atomic experiment that creates the monster, rather an underwater earthquake that sets it free. The first time we see the creature is rather impressive, its design is much like a giant version of William Castle’s Tingler (a film that almost made the list but let’s be honest, The Tingler is a great movie) where it attacks unsuspecting divers only to later rise out of the water and continue its attack on their boat.

Despite having a rather poor vehicle to star in, the giant mollusk is a great monster created by Augie Lohman (Barbarella)  and was operated by three men with a series of pressure valves, a fibreglass exterior and was roughly ten feet tall.

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