10 Incredibly Bad Fashion Statements In James Bond Films

bondfashion-6 There's very rarely such a thing as a perfect movie. Point in fact, there's no perfect Bond movie - there's nothing wrong with being less than perfect, in fact such flaws and imperfections can often make us enjoy the film more rather than if the entire action was carried out with a veneer of lifeless flawlessness. Bond movies are just like every other kind of movie: susceptible. Sometimes with a Bond movie, its flaws come out in terms of story and character, or action and plot - but with some it's the little things that really stick in your mind as being huge mistakes, such as wardrobe and the choices made for the characters by the producers. Seriously, the fact that some of these mistakes have stuck in the public consciousness when it comes to the Bond franchise. We can't resist a good old giggle at some of the truly terrible fashion statements and choices that have plagued the series - mainly because that, of late, there haven't been any truly terrible ones (well there's some debate regarding Javier Bardem's platinum blonde mop for Skyfall but let's move on) - so let's have a gander at ten of the truly terrible, the bonkers and the just plain bad fashion statements from the James Bond movies...

10. Baron Samedi - Live And Let Die

bondfashion-10 While Live and Let Die is a rather good reboot of Bond following the end of the Blofeld era and of Roger Moore as Bond after Sean Connery and George Lazenby, not everything can be a success. We were rather caught between some of Solitaire's racier outfits but the honour has to come to go iconic villain Baron Samedi (Geoffery Holder) who appears in full zombie voodoo regalia throughout the film. While Samedi did give us the creeps in the right places a few years ago, now I can only see the absurd fashion choices of bright white top hat, chunky crucifix and oversized purple and white suit. Not really appropriate for an immortal trickster god, methinks?
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