10 Incredibly Sexy Stripper Scenes That Floored Us All

9. Salma Hayek – Dogma (1999)


The Stripper: Salma Hayek as Serendipity

Dogma may have been Kevin Smith’s last good movie (for whatever that’s worth). The film follows the last living descendent of Jesus Christ (Linda Fiorentino) who works at an abortion clinic. She and a bunch of characters from Clerks and Mallrats are sent on a holy mission.

Salma Hayek plays a heavenly muse who takes the form of an even heavenly stripper. She moves her flawless body to New Edition’s ‘Candy Girl’ as Kevin Smith mainstays Jay and Silent Bob give her bands to make her dance. With her nerdy glasses and pink underwear Salma left Silent Bob completely speechless….o wait.