10 Incredibly Subtle Ways Movies Gave Away Their Endings

9. Ed Gives Away The Entire Plot - Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun Of The Dead Pub Opening
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Edgar Wright's Tour De Force of film pastiche Shaun Of The Dead is unique in its commitment to foreshadowing because it goes far further than any other film ever made by laying out the entire plot in a single bit of dialogue.

Sure, you could also point to the fact that Shaun's housemate Pete at one point explicitly mentions Ed "living in the shed" like an animal, basically calling out EXACTLY what happens to Ed, but the spoiling is on a higher level than that. Ed himself plots out the film's entire story in conversation with Shaun when the latter is dumped by Liz.

To cheer his friend up, Ed plans a day of drinking:

“Bloody Mary first thing, bite at The Kings Head, couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here, back at the bar for shots.”

And wouldn't you know it: the first zombie Shaun and Ed fight has a nametag reading "Mary,” then Bill Nighy's character is bitten on the neck, Shaun saves a "couple" (Dave and Dianne) and his "princess" Liz and then the gang literally stagger (while pretending to be zombies) back to the Winchester, where they fight them off with a shotgun.

For the more visually-inclined among you, here it is condensed into a nice little meme...

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