10 Infuriating Flaws That Ruin Otherwise Awesome Directors

Nolan's fight scenes can cure insomnia.

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We've all got our favourite filmmakers, but not even the likes of Hitchcock and Kubrick were perfect, and there's probably a quirk or signature trait that bugs you a little about even your most beloved director, right?

No matter how many Oscars you win or billions of dollars you make, it doesn't mean your filmmaking disciplines are always on-point, as evidenced by these hugely successful directors who nevertheless rub up a lot of people the wrong way for their behind-the-camera eccentricities.

We accept them in spite of their flaws because they do generally magnificent work, but we'd have even less to complain about if these 10 filmmakers reined in these peculiar, unnecessary and downright infuriating techniques. There's always room for improvement in the future, but their prior works are forever coloured by their misguided filmmaking tics.

Here are 10 infuriating flaws that ruin otherwise awesome directors...

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