10 Insane Movies That Were Almost Made

Before he was Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr could've been Lex Luthor...

Warner Bros. Pictures

The movies we see in cinemas and on streaming services are just a fraction of the projects that swirl around within the film industry. For every couple of flicks that actually see the light of day, there are many more that stumble during pre-production, have prolonged scripting issues, or even fail to be greenlit in the first place.

After all, making movies is difficult. With a lot of disparate elements to organise and pull together, it's not really surprising that a lot fall apart during the process.

Sometimes, it's simply the premise itself that's the problem. A filmmaker might have a concept that sounds really cool and unique, but in reality, it could be too expensive to produce, too difficult to execute, or just too weird for any studio to want to give it a go.

Stories of these crazier failed projects are aplenty, with filmmakers like James Cameron, J.J. Abrams and Alfred Hitchcock all having worked on insane, bonkers movies that never came to fruition. Looking back now, it's a shame that none of these were made, because at the very least, they would've been interesting to watch.


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