10 Interstellar Theories That Are Totally Insane

7. It€™s In The Same World As The Rest Of The Nolanverse

Many directors like to explore similar themes in each of the movies they make. Christopher Nolan especially has some obvious obsessions, from the way that memory can be subjective and manipulated to the cloying (and frequently mocked) trope of having a male protagonist€™s motivation take the form of a doomed woman he failed to save from dying. Seriously, it€™s in everything from Memento to Inception to the Batman movies. So in some ways, Interstellar is very much of a piece with the rest of his back catalogue. But does it go further than that? Is there a way that, ala the Pixar Theory, all of the director€™s films can be weaved together into a loose Nolanverse? Quite possibly, with Interstellar as the key. Memento and Insomnia are fairly earthbound, but things get weirder in the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception especially. The Batman movies set up a universe with slightly more advanced technology than our own, with Inception finding us far advanced in our manipulation of abstract concepts like dreaming - and time. Therefore the Dark Knight films are pre-Interstellar, and Inception post. When, presumably, humanity has settled enough again to indulge in industrial espionage.
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