10 Interstellar Theories That Are Totally Insane

6. All Those Books Were Important

For a big-budget blockbuster intended to get people out to the cinema and paying the very reasonable prices cinemas are charging these days, Interstellar€™s plot sure does hinge on books as a crucial element. It€™s by tossing titles off the bookshelf in the young Murphy€™s room that Cooper is initially able to "communicate" with her from within the black hole, and ultimately convince her that her dad didn't abandon her. It€™s a fun little twist (if a little obvious) and, of course, preferable to her theory that their house is haunted. So the books are important as a plot device, as props that further the story, but what about the actual content of all those tomes? Do they hint at all about the themes, plot or eventual direction of Interstellar? Yes, totally, duh. This is a list of insane theories, after all. One prominent title is Stephen King€™s The Stand, which shares the film€™s premise of a ravaged, almost-finished Earth, and being way too frickin€™ long. There€™s Mark Helprin€™s Winter€™s Tale, all about rips in time (and made into a crappy film with €œA New York€ slapped on the front of the title). And hey, some Kip Thorne books too! This shelf is like the list of drinks from Shaun Of The Dead with all the foreshadowing.
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