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The monsters of the big screen have always been a major factor in the old bums on seats way of measuring the success of a film. Film fans tend to enjoy having their pants proverbially (maybe literally too, no judgement here) blown off by a behemoth of stupendous proportions; the less aesthetically lovely the better, too.

It may have be that they are enormous. It may be that they are truly fantastical in appearance. It may well be that they are just plain bed-wettingly terrifying. All of these can play a part in how a monster lasts in our memory, and if the movie manages the lot, they’ve done very well.

But before we delve into the world of beasts, demons and aliens, an honourable mention must go to that delightful-looking chap above. Frankenstein’s monster really was the original movie monster, and Karloff’s take on it has become the enduring image of the classic. Whilst audiences were almost certainly amazed when they first saw the creature, it has become somewhat overplayed and clichéd for my liking, and so although it should be rightly hailed as a key inspiration for countless monsters that followed, he will not be included outright in this list, as there are more mesmerising creations which have made our jaws hit the floor in the modern era of cinema.

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This article was first posted on December 19, 2013