10 Justice League Movie Plot Predictions

Superman takes a time-out.

Warner Bros.

It goes without saying that, after three movies met with a decidedly mixed-negative fan and critical response, the DC Extended Universe is desperately in need of a home-run moving forward.

Wonder Woman is up next and certainly looks promising, though the real test will be to see whether or not Zack Snyder and co. can make an entertaining movie out of DC's flagship superhero supergroup.

Even though Batman v Superman was packed full of head-scratching plot revelations, at least the majority of them can simply be left by the wayside, and hopefully Justice League will simply press on with nailing the right tone and essence of the focal characters.

Everyone's got their own ideas about how the movie should unfold, and so going by a combination of rumour and gut instinct, it's time to take a stab at what it probably has in store for audiences.

Here are 10 plot predictions for Justice League...

10. It Begins With A Flashback 30,000 Years Ago

DC Comics

Rumours have persisted for quite some time now that the movie will begin with a prologue sequence set 30,000 years ago, where Darkseid attacks Earth.

It will take the combined forces of the Atlanteans, the Amazons and humanity themselves to defeat Darkseid, and as he flees Earth, he leaves behind the three Mother Boxes that will apparently play a central role in the film.

This will frame the rest of the narrative, both in terms of who currently has possession of the Mother Boxes, and Darkseid of course sending Steppenwolf to Earth to retrieve them.

If Zack Snyder makes the most of the mayhem, this could be one hell of a battle scene to kick things off.


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