10 Lessons Comic Book Movies Can Learn From Guardians Of The Galaxy

10. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Ever since the success of the Dark Knight trilogy, the vast majority of superhero films have decided to shroud themselves in a cape of solemnity and take everything far too seriously. While Iron Man and The Avengers did their bit to inject a well needed sense of humour into the increasingly po-faced genre, The Guardians Of The Galaxy raised the bar even higher by daring to do something neither of those films truly did - poke fun at themselves. When your film's lead characters include a gun totting space Raccon and a mildly brain damaged tree, you need to embrace the charm that comes with that ridiculousness - and luckily, that's exactly what James Gunn did. Almost all of the dialogue in the film is self-aware, with main character Star Lord poking fun of pretty much everything and everyone in the movie. After a couple of years of increasingly brooding and boring heroes, it was extremely refreshing to see that the vast majority of the film did away with the dull sobriety of its contemporaries. Embracing a meme-ready sense of cynicism and poking fun at pretty much every aspect of the plot and its characters, Guardians Of The Galaxy left you with a coat-hanger sized grin at the end of every scene - an impressive feat for any film, let alone a comic book adaptation. In fact, the dialogue was so witty that the film out-funnied pretty much every comedy that's been released this year.

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