10 Mainstream Films With Unsimulated Sex Acts

the brown bunny There is a whole world of R18 rated full on pornography out there for adults to indulge in. We have dozens of XXX rated satellite Adult channels. The Internet IS porn. However, society is not geared towards the frank discussion and enjoyment of pornography. It is a dirty thing to be ashamed of. But we can talk about mainstream cinema and sexuality in a more open way. Recently, what would be classed as pornography - unsimulated acts of oral sex, penetrative sex, ejaculation etc. - has made its way into the fringes of mainstream cinema. It is chiefly associated with the New French Extremity and it has got the censors in a whirlwind wondering how to deal with it. In my experience of unsimulated sex acts in cinema - they are not pornographic and they are not a turn on. Most of them fit comfortably into the film as an extension of the proceedings. Rarely are they sleazy. If you are wondering where you can get some real life filmic nookie, outside of a skin flick, sit back and enjoy 10 Mainstream Films Featuring Simulated Sex..
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My first film watched was Carrie aged 2 on my dad's knee. Educated at The University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. Fan of Arthouse, Exploitation, Horror, Euro Trash, Giallo, New French Extremism. Weaned at the bosom of a Russ Meyer starlet. The bleaker, artier or sleazier the better!