10 Mainstream Films With Unsimulated Sex Acts

1. Caligula (1979)

fefefe Chronicling the rise, the reign and the subsequent fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula - a man who was as vicious and cruel as Genghis Khan and as crazy in the head as King Herod - there is abundant sex a go go in Caligula. There are two versions of the film floating around - a censored, rated version and a highly explicit unrated version which has a ton of hardcore inserts. These were inserted by porn baron Bob Guccione, who was financing the film, to spice up the movie. Unsimulated acts include penetration, fellatio and ejaculation. I do not think that Malcolm McDowell is a particularly insane enough Caligula. He shouts and prances around like a mad man but just looks hammy instead of menacing. The explicit sex scenes in Caligula do not particularly bother me. I have read widely on this period of history, and it is as shockingly decadent as the film portrays it. I'm pretty sure the reign of Caligula was one big debauched orgy. The sex scenes don't shock. The only shock is to see the like of Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud and Helen Mirren surrounded by ejaculating willies.
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