10 Mainstream Movies Featuring Real Sex


Believe it or not, sex and nudity in cinema harks all the way back to the silent era. The 7-minute film Le Coucher de la Mariee (it had to be French, of course) had actress Louise Willy (don't laugh) performing a bathroom striptease, presumably because directors were already bored with filming nice things like trees and trains and people with their clothes on by 1899.

We've come a long way since then, especially when you realise just how far some filmmakers have gone to bring a certain kind of "authenticity" to their pictures. We're talking about unsimulated sex, of course - and for those of you still scratching your heads trying to work out the meaning of that phrase, we mean sex that's totally and utterly legit.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few movies out there - not of the "pornographic" variety - that contain actual sex scenes. "What?" you say. "Actors who slept together for the integrity of the medium?" Um, yes - that's one way of putting it. Ask Shia LaBeouf, who's just signed on to have sex for real with a whole bunch of attractive actresses in Lars Von Trier's upcoming flick Nymphomaniac. Tough gig.

Join us, then, as we look back at 10 movie sex scenes that weren't the product of years of theatre school or slick editing technique: these ones happened for real. It probably goes without saying, of course: adult supervision is required.

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