10 Major Sex Pots From The 1970s

Linda Lovelace Few recent decades contain as much sex as the 1970s. It was the era of porno chic, the sexual revolution and a general - anything goes! - attitude. Let's face it, all of the good sex films were made in the 1970s - the classic ones like Emmanuelle and Deep Throat. Russ Meyer was sexing it up to the max and even Britain had a sexploitation industry. It may have been cheesy but at least it contained some decent eye candy. I have given you here a wide variety of 1970s film crumpet to titillate and tantalise you. Please add your own personal 1970s babe below...

10. Dyanne Thorne

E9j Dyanne Thorne is known chiefly for her contributions to the Ilsa series of film in which she plays the evil, sadomasochistic Ilsa in a variety of exotic settings. She had a killer body and was regularly photographed topless for pin up magazines as well as being a Las Vegas showgirl. Dyanne starred in a few sexploitation movies but hit pay-dirt with Ilsa She Wolf of the SS in which she brutalised both the male and female camp inmates and subjected them to medical experiments. There followed Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks and Ilsa: Tigress of Siberia, in each role, Dyanne made her mark. Interestingly, Ms Thorne has a PhD in Comparative Theology and both she and her husband are ordained ministers and own their own Las Vegas alternative wedding company. That's quite a leap from the ethics of Ilsa!
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