10 Massively Hyped 2017 Movies That Will Definitely Disappoint

When speculation goes hand-in-hand with cynicism.

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The year is drawing to a close and with it goes one of the most lacklustre Summer Blockbuster seasons in recent memory. Big, tent-pole movies from the likes of Jason Bourne, Independence Day: Resurgence and the DCEU output offered up nothing more than critical slatings and disappointed audiences. Even the movie master Steven Spielberg disappointed a lot of people with his remake of The BFG.

The curse of 'hype' is often a factor when it comes to Blockbuster disappointment and what with the Internet, the huge expectations heaped on marketing departments and the insane amounts of money studios spent in churning up column inches for their movies, it's not going anywhere soon. But it's a vicious cycle that unevenly sets expectations levels and basically lies to get audiences into cinema seats.

Now, there's no doubt that we're guaranteed some great movies next year, but there's always good with the bad, no matter how well the marketing men have built hype. And in some cases, some of the most hotly anticipated movies coming in 2017 will end up being disappointments.

You can almost see it coming a mile off...


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