10 Milestones That Must Happen In The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Because we say so, all right?

Spider-Man is a cultural behemoth of the highest order. There are few superheroes - save for Batman and Superman - as inherently iconic as the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger. What, exactly, makes Spider-Man so appealing as a character? Does it purely stem from the fact that Spider-Man represents the ultimate form of escapism - that he can battle bad guys, attract super hot girlfriends, and generally spend his days flying around New York City, whilst also managing to keep his identity a secret (is there anything more romantic than that?). Who knows? Peter Parker isn't an everyman, either - he's a genius, a trait that you'd think would only serve to alienate him to comic fans and movie-goers. But he clings tightly to a sense of the childish, too, never afraid to unleash a witty quip or to "enjoy" the fact that, hey, he possesses the powers of a freakin' spider, despite being - yes - a human being. For whatever reason, it's hard to argue with the simple fact that Spidey is uber-popular. Which means that, despite the lukewarm reviews that met both The Amazing Spider-Man and the relatively negative reviews that met The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we're getting another installment in the franchise come 2018 (seriously: you have to wait that long). Here's our picks for the milestones the movie should incorporate...

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