10 Most Anticipated Horror Films Still To Come In 2017

New haunts to explore this year.

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From the gore-soaked slashers that make our stomachs churn to those ghost stories which play on our fear of the unknown, everyone loves a good scare.

This year has already thrown up terrifying treats for horror hounds, with the likes of Get Out, A Cure For Wellness and Raw representing the genre at its best.

Sure, 2017 has been heavy on the reboots, sequels, prequels and threequels - which isn't a problem if you're into that sort of thing - but there are also original fright fests out there if you know where to look.

And the good news for horror fans is that there are plenty more in the pipeline.

Whether you prefer being chased down a dark corridor by a masked lunatic, haunted within an inch of your sanity by a supernatural entity, or stalked by a killer doll, there's sure to be something that will pique your interest on this list.

10. Annabelle: Creation

Warner Bros.

James Wan's supernatural horror The Conjuring has already cooked up a spinoff in its cauldron, and now it's time for a prequel.

Well, it's a prequel to the spinoff, to be precise, and the best killer doll since Chucky is set to return to wreak havoc in a different time period.

Directed by David Sandberg, Annabelle: Creation follows a dollmaker and his wife who open their doors to and nun who has several orphans in her care, only to see them targeted by the possessed toy.

Miranda Otto of 24: Legacy and Lord of the Rings fame will portray the dollmaker's wife, a disfigured recluse, while Spectre actress Stephanie Sigman will be aiming to make a habit out of survival as Sister Charlotte.

Release date: 11 August


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