10 Most Badass Movie Death Scenes Of All Time

Now THAT'S how you make an exit!

The Departed Matt Damon Death
Warner Bros. Pictures

Everything looks cooler in the movies. Conversations are snappier, explosions are grander, and even death looks better on the big screen.

Movie deaths come in all shapes and sizes. Some will make you reach for the tissues while others will have you sticking your head in a trash bin. But none are quite as entertaining as those that you make you stop and say "Daaaaaaaamn, that was badass!"

The most badass onscreen deaths tend to be some combination of heroic, violent, epic, and viscerally gratifying.

You know the type. Christian Bale chopping off the entirety of Taye Diggs' face with a sword in Equilibrium? Badass. Patrick Swayze ripping out that schmuck's throat in Road House? Super badass. John Hurt birthing to an alien via his chest cavity in Alien? Gross, iconic, and strangely funny... but decidedly not badass.

See the difference?

Now, let's take a few moments to applaud those who have mastered the art of dying onscreen. Cheers to the men and women who have given us some truly awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing demises to watch over and over and over again.


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