10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever

9. 9 Songs

Made in 2004 by British film-maker Michael Winterbottom, 9 Songs was a terribly modern love story focusing on a short, passionate relationship between an English climatologist and an American exchange student, which was framed by the characters’ mutual love of music. Including 9 key songs, the soundtrack for the film was extremely impressive, but the film itself was critically panned on release, and is widely considered a flop.

Why So Controversial?

The most sexual graphic mainstream release of all time – quite how it wasn’t simply classified as pornography is confusing considering some of the material included (especially the ejaculation scene). The film’s rap sheet reads quite colourfully: unsimulated sex, genital fondling, masturbation and ejaculation, and while Winterbottom claimed his film was no more than authentic, it seems the wider film-watching community simply weren’t ready for such a full-on exploration of sex.

Or perhaps it was simply that the film was terrible from top to bottom.