10 Most Disappointing Horror Movies Of 2019 (So Far)

9. Hellboy

Hellboy David Harbour Ian McShane

The very fact that the newest Hellboy could be classed as a horror film was actually one of its biggest selling points, not least because it would allow director Neil Marshall to work with a smaller budget and do what he had previously shown himself capable of in the likes of Dog Soldiers and The Descent.

Crucially, it looked like it was going to be markedly different from anything Guillermo Del Toro did, which would be useful since direct comparisons would inevitably end up being reductive. Sadly, in seeking to be different, Marshall also threw the baby out with the bathwater and got rid of everything that made Del Toro's movies so engrossing.

The result is a tepid, unimaginative slog that lacks charm to the point of provocation and wastes the brilliant casting of David Harbour unforgivably.

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