10 Most Divisive Movies Of 2017

Star Wars: Episode VIII - Fans Vs Fans Vs Critics...

Warner Bros.

Though it's usually quite clear if one flick is better than another (you're never going to hear anyone argue that The Room is better than Terminator 2), every single movie ever made could be subjectively awesome, terrible, or somewhere in-between.

Do you love The Dark Knight? There's probably someone out there who hates it. Absolutely despise X-Men: The Last Stand? You can guarantee some random fan will worship at its altar. The point is, opinions aren't factual, and being able to discuss a movie's strengths and weaknesses with others is one of the most fun parts of the post-viewing experience.

And often, this difference of opinion results in films having wildly varying positions on the quality scale, depending on the individual; something that you found refreshing and original might seem completely stupid and boring to someone else.

2017 contains plenty of movies like this - ones that a large group loved but a vocal minority hated, ones that split audiences and critics straight down the middle, or in some cases, ones that sparked controversy that stopped the film from being a universally-acclaimed hit...


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