10 Most Insane Demands That Famous Actors Made For Movies

1. Tom Cruise Demands Custom-Made Thongs - Every Action Movie


Uh, yeah, so... whilst we wish we were making this one up, according to a bunch of sources, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is adamant that - whilst filming action sequences for pretty much any one of his movies - he gets to wear a thong. Why, exactly, this tidbit has become public knowledge, we're not entirely sure, but I sincerely doubt that there's anybody on Earth who enjoys the idea of Tom Cruise wearing a thong. There's something inherently disturbing about that.

The idea is that Tom's custom-made thongs allow him to perform action scenes with the most comfort, so remember him attached to that wire in Mission: Impossible, only now you know that underneath his trousers he was probably wearing a thong. A custom thong. Running away from aliens in War of the Worlds? Thong. Wrestling with bad guys in Jack Reacher? Thong. And according to the same sources, Cruise likes to change his thongs regularly, so they keep 50 on set.

So there you have it: one of the most uncomfortable stories ever told. Feel free to puke.


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