10 Most Insane Demands That Famous Actors Made For Movies

10. Angelina Jolie Demands Movie Studio Pay For Brad Pitt's Flying Lessons

Regency Enterprises

This one might well be the stuff of rumour and isn't about a specific flick (hence why it's placed last) but - according to a bunch of sources - Angelina Jolie once requested that a major studio fork over the cash for her husband Brad Pitt to have flying lessons (millions of dollars worth, in fact) before she signed on to star in an unknown movie.

The big question here, of course, is: why did she need to ask the studio to pay for Brad's flying lessons? How does that make sense? After all, aren't they Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, millionaires extraordinaire? And why would the studio pay for Brad Pitt to do something like that, something that was a) unrelated to the production and b) for Brad Pitt, who was not even part of the movie?

Brad eventually got his lessons, but Angelina ended up paying for them by herself, apparently. Which kind of means Brad Pitt paid for his own lessons? Did these two share their money? Bah. Let's hope - for Angelina' s sake - that none of this actually happened.


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