10 Most Insanely Perfectionist Film Directors

Making films isn't easy.

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Film is unique among many art forms in that it is a very collaborative kind of art. A wonderful film requires an immense number of talents, temperaments and personalities to mesh and work together well; from make-up artists to cinematographers to producers.

 Or, of course, if you buy auteur theory, it really just requires one person: the director. While there is certainly a lot of truth to Francois Truffaut's idea that the director is ultimately the author of the film, some directors take this primacy a bit too far.

 These directors see the film as their own singular and perfect vision and view other people as a mere tool for accomplishing this mission. Their methods are extensive, exhaustive and often eccentric. They burn down sets the size of small towns for the sake of seconds worth of screen time, they get involved in brawls with their actors and screaming matches with their cinematographers and they put themselves in their crew members in the jaws of death, hoping the grim reaper doesn't bite down because the shot they can get staring out of his mouth is perfect.

 Many of the directors listed here have made some of my very favourite films of all time and their meticulous, obsessive and combative way of working has been an important part of producing such perfection. It also happens to be terrifying and hilarious in equal measure.

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