10 Most Memorable James Bond Villain Deaths Ever

007_GoldenEye_-_Alec_Trevelyan So, here we are, fifty years of Bond films later and they are still going strong, presenting us every few years with something always enjoyable and ever so often incredibly great. It is my theory that Bond will never die, in fact, that we mean to never let him. The franchise has gone through some severely choppy waters and been circled by some of its own giant sharks from time to time and still somehow manages to come out on top every time. Much of that is thanks to the series ruthless and rememorable villains. I won't claim this thought as original, but a movie is only as good as its forces of antagonism, otherwise the conflict is just not there and film is just not interesting. And nothing screws up a movie more than an unsatisfactory conclusion to the story or in the case of the action adventure genre just how well did the bad guy bite the dust. So, here it is: a quick recap of some of great Bond villain demises. First a fair note of warning though: personally I don't feel the villains of the Daniel Craig trilogy, although very memorable, quite make it to this list. Those films are about making the series more realistic and while being shot or stabbed might be more realistic it does lack the fantastical flair that the older movies portrayed in their on screen deaths. Hopefully, you can forgive that opinion.
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