10 Most Pointless CGI Movie Shots Ever

What a waste of money.

Halloween H20 CGI
Dimension Films

CGI can be an incredible, immensely versatile tool in the hands of smart filmmakers who know when to use it, but as we've all seen countless times, it's too often used as a crutch or an indulgence, where the results can prove extremely offputting to audiences.

And though literally hundreds of movies can be ripped to shreds for their embarrassingly cheap visual effects, we're looking specifically at movies that needlessly employed VFX artists to work on scenes and shots that absolutely didn't need them.

Yes, some of these effects also happen to be bad, but a few of them are totally passable or even convincing - because the focus here is on CGI that was pointlessly injected into scenes that were doing just fine without them.

If nothing else, it's a testament to the thoughtless pervasiveness of CGI throughout Hollywood over the last two decades in particular, and that even enormously talented filmmakers aren't beyond overdoing it with the computerised flourishes and touch-ups...


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