10 Most Polarising Movies Of 2017

This year's cinematic Marmite.


Some of this year's movies were hailed as all-time classics, from Christopher Nolan's wartime epic Dunkirk, to Hugh Jackman's R-rated, genre-redefining final Wolverine outing in Logan, while others were given the critical panning they deserve. With any luck, there won't be another The Emoji Movie this lifetime, after the way the original was received.

When the quality of a film gravitates towards one of the polar extremes, fans and critics are usually in widespread agreement on the verdict, but somewhere between the masterpieces and the CGI turds is the divisive middle of the spectrum.

This is where cinema's equivalent of Marmite sits, the movies that split reviewers and audiences straight down the middle and occasionally turn the two camps against one another. A good example is 2016's Suicide Squad, which proved divisive enough to inspire a fan petition to take down Rotten Tomatoes and its stinking reviews of the film.

This year has also seen its fair share of polarising flicks, from superhero films that pleased the fans but left the critics unmoved, to remakes that some felt were more justified than others.


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