10 Most Polarising Movies Of 2017

2. The Founder


When Michael Keaton fronted a biopic about Ray Kroc, the man credited with transforming McDonald's into a fast food superpower, not everyone was lovin' it. Some called it eye-opening and praised Keaton's performance, while others felt the experience was all bun and no meat.

The Founder's biggest opponents found no message or meaning in its account of how the restaurant chain became a global phenomenon, and argued that Keaton's standout performance was lost amid a sea of interior acting.

The movie certainly delivers a warts-and-all portrayal of Kroc and his strong-arm tactics, yet seems to sit on the fence over their ethicality, and ultimately ends up as a grim reminder that the winner always takes all.

Some clearly found that slice of life harder to swallow than others, and most likely, they were the viewers who already knew how the story played out.


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