10 Most Polarising Movies Of 2017

10. Murder On The Orient Express


Both audiences and reviewers found as much to love as to hate about Kenneth Branagh's Agatha Christie remake Murder on the Orient Express. It was a slick and stylish return journey, but is that enough to justify buying another ticket 40 years later?

That's what nobody seemed to be able to agree on. An all-star cast and eye-popping visuals kept the movie on track, but many dismissed it as an unnecessary rehash of a murder-mystery classic.

Branagh shone in the role of Poirot, even if he did hog the spotlight, and he was nothing but respectful to the source material. Nevertheless, you'll find as many critics saying they were compelled by his investigation as those who were bored by it.

Those mixed reviews didn't derail Murder on the Orient Express. So far, it has made $238.8 million off a budget of $55 million, which has proved enough to push a sequel based on Christie's Death on the Nile into development.


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