10 Most Rewatchable Films Of 2017

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Some movies are fantastic the first time around, but that doesn't necessarily mean they inspire repeat viewings. Indeed, some of the most rewatchable films of all time were shunned by awards bodies and divided critics, yet went on to become the kind of addictions no film fan could possibly kick.

So what is it that makes a movie hold up after multiple screenings? Sheer quality alone isn't always enough, as many other factors need to be in place to give a movie this level of staying power.

Some flicks have an uncanny ability to deliver that feel-good factor upon every viewing, often because their characters are riveting company, no matter how much time you spend in their presence.

Other films are so clever or complex that repeat viewing are necessary purely to figure out what's going on. In many cases, these movies are superior the second, third and fourth time around.

Then there are those which are purely visceral experiences, ones you feel compelled to revisit to experience the sights and sounds on offer just one more time, to bask in their familiarity and let the engulf you.

Plenty of 2017's movies had these qualities and will no doubt be played to death on Blu-ray and streaming services for years to come...

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