10 Most Rewatchable Films This Decade (So Far)

How many times have you watched these addictive films?

Warner Bros.

Most films released in the theaters come and go with a whimper rather than a bang: if they're lucky they might capture our attention for a brief spell before fading into memory. It's as inevitable as the Pareto distribution, in which only a handful of products receive the vast majority of the attention and praise.

When a truly special movie event arrives and resonates with audiences, however, the results can be enduring. These are the films which stand the test of time, not only holding up under close scrutiny but becoming better the more you watch them. In their own way they capture the proverbial "movie magic" ever filmmaker strives to achieve.

This decade has been no exception, delivering a number of excellent movies which can be watched over and over again without losing their appeal. Some do this by capturing the essence of a genre, delivering awe-inspiring action or non-stop comedy, others because they are so crammed with incidental details it's impossible to appreciate them from a single viewing.

All of them are the movie equivalent of capturing lightning in a bottle.


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