There’s a cutaway joke in an early Family Guy episode that imagines Stephen King going to see his publisher to pitch an idea for his latest novel. Obviously ill-prepared, King starts improvising on the spot, and eventually conjures up a story about a couple who are attacked by a “lamp” (which he grabs from his publisher’s desk). The publisher, put out at King’s lack of enthusiasm, sighs and says: “You’re not even trying any more, are you?” Then, defeated, he adds: “When can I have it?”

In real life, Stephen King is likely responsible for a genuinely bizarre ’80s movie phase that involved “inanimate objects” coming to life to wreak havoc, what with his own short stories depicting situations just like that, and Christine, his novel about a car that came to life with a demonic personality. King’s point, though, was that horror wasn’t just to be found in spooky castles and haunted houses – it was living right next door, under your nose, often in the least likely of places.

And yet some horror movie filmmakers took King’s “horror at home” themes in seriously weird directions – directions you won’t believe were ever green-lit and put into production with a budget and actors and everything. Here’s 10 ridiculously conceived horror movie adversaries that give King’s lamp monster idea a serious run for their money (one of which, ahem, actually involves a killer lamp)…

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This article was first posted on February 28, 2013