10 Most Ridiculous Uses Of Product Placement In Movies

6. Man Of Steel – IHOP is the Perfect Boxing Arena

man of steel cavill poster

You might recall Man of Steel as the most disappointing thing that came out this summer. Boring, aesthetically displeasing, and with no sense of narrative, character, or sound editing, the film sought only to make you sad and knock you down a peg until you remember that it’s really hard to make a decent Superman movie. You might also recall that you left the movie really wanting to eat some pancakes.

This is probably because a good chunk of the “Battle of Smallville That Absolutely No One Could Have Survived” takes place with Superman getting punched by a lady inside of an IHOP.

Man Of Steel

Instead of moving the conflict away from the crowded small town and its many fine breakfast eateries, Superman decides instead to have a punch-up in a crowded franchise restaurant and give a stirring speech in front of a Sears. Atta Boy!