10 Most Ridiculously Unearned Movie Twists Of All Time

10. De Niro Is The Devil - Angel Heart

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Alan Parker's sweaty neo-noir is one of those rare things: a near classic. The story of Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke, at his prime), a gumshoe detective trawling through New Orleans on the hunt for a missing voodoo practitioner, held plenty of intrigue, and had some wild moments (a certain sex scene with Lisa Bonet, raunchy enough to rile up the censors and Bill Cosby in equal measure). What made it fall short, however, was the finale.

Sure, we can buy into the fact that Rourke's eponymous sleuth was actually the killer, but the film's payoff feels like a cheat thanks to none other than Robert De Niro. I mean, we all thought it for a fleeting moment when he first announced himself as being 'Louis Cypher', but lordy, lordy, was it an unwelcome surprise when he drops the film's main reveal, which is that he's the devil and his name a play on the known moniker 'Lucifer'. He even does it with glowing eyes. Dire.

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