10 Most Savage Japanese Horror Films Ever

7. Guinea Pig 2: Flower Of Flesh And Blood (1985)

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Ahhh, good old censor baiting Guinea Pig! Where would our morals be without it? The plot of Guinea Pig 2 can be summed up in three words: woman gets tortured. This is the film that not only kickstarted the Torture Porn sub genre, but inspired in countless viewers the notion that Snuff Movies do genuinely exist.

This movie is THE legendary film that notorious degenerate Charlie Sheen got so freaked out by after watching a copy in 1991 that he gave it to the FBI. It turns out that the FBI were already investigating Guinea Pig 2 because they had similar concerns about the film being a bonafide snuff movie.

Italian director Ruggero Deodato had to parade the actors who featured in his flesh eating epic Cannibal Holocaust around an Italian court room to prove they were still alive. Guinea Pig 2 director Hideshi Hino was also forced to prove his film was fake in court against Snuff allegations.

The special effects are very good for the 1980s, but Guinea Pig 2, while still exceedingly nasty, does not really stand up in 2016 as the authentic masterpiece of realistic gore that it purports to be. Still, it is raw and bloody enough to succeed as a classic piece of Japanese torture porn which is worth watching to please your inner gore hound leanings.

What is notable about Guinea Pig 2 is that it is the second film in the Guinea Pig 'franchise'. If you have a ball with Flower of Flesh and Blood, try some of its brethren - such as Mermaid In A Manhole which is quite revolting, and He Never Dies, which is just downright sick.


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