10 Most Shocking Betrayals In Movie History

2. Cypher - The Matrix

The Matrix Cypher betrayal
Warner Bros.

We must have been so foolish to have ever had trust in a man that had all the smarmy characteristics of Steve Buscemi, with a lean goatee to match. To be fair, Cypher came across as an average tech guy at first, offering a few witty remarks and knowing grins, certainly nothing that would suggest he was a backstabbing murderer. Yet, when the opportunity revealed itself, Cypher was more than willing to turn his back on his colleagues, as well as on reality itself.

Sacrificing the entire human race for the sake of a comfortable simulated existence is one thing, but the way in which Cypher went about dispatching his former crew, waiting until they're all trapped in the Matrix before cruelly unplugging them one at a time, was indicative of man who was totally devoid of humanity.

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