10 Movie Adaptations You Already Know Are Doomed To Disappoint

Call it a sixth sense...

Paramount Pictures

There's a reoccurring sense of bittersweetness that comes with the movie adaptation: audiences want nothing more than to see their favourite properties brought to life on the big screen. They want to sit down to a fully-fledged cinematic incarnation of something they love.

But this often comes paired with a niggling feeling that it's not a great idea at all - that subconscious inkling that a very expensive mistake is about to be made. It's not just unchecked pessimism - there's a lot of precedent.

Said feeling doesn't curb the sense of curiosity that goes with almost every announcement of a new adaptation, though. As audiences, we can't seem to help ourselves... Even when we know, deep down, that certain properties are best left in their original form, we clamour to see them on the big screen.

Whilst some adaptations set to arrive across the span of 2017 do appear to have a genuine shot at cinematic greatness, there are a good number that appear inherently doomed to fail. No matter how hard they try, they're probably destined to irk.


Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since 2008. He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies.