10 Movie Best Friends Who Would Be Awful In Real Life

gandalfsized Who doesn't like to watch two best friends goof around on the big screen? Yes, watching two pals mess around while you're cuddled safely in a movie theater is both heartwarming and hilarious. But what if some of your favorite characters were your actual real life best friends? It's easy to giggle when it's happening to someone else. It's different, though, if you imagine it's your life. Picture one of your closest pals as a tiny bearded-roofie-wielding-maniac (Alan from the Hangover). Or if you were stumbling through an enchanted land with a wizard who constantly left at increasingly inconvenient times (Gandalf). This list calls out 10 characters who were awesome on the big screen, though probably wouldn't be great best friend material.

10. Paulie Pennino (Rocky V)

url-5 Picture yourself as Rocky Balboa: No one has ever understood a word you have ever said, you're currently making your fourth unnecessary sequel, one of your best friends and colleagues has just been killed by a drugged up Russian, your relationship with your wife is in constant turmoil... at least after five movies you're filthy rich, right? Wrong. Why? Because your best friend has signed over all your money to a nameless accountant who promptly lost it all in an embezzlement scheme. Losing the entirety of your friends fortune is just plain poor etiquette. Avoid people like Paulie, or you might find yourself forced into relocating to the same rough neighborhood you spent two movies trying to escape.

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