10 Movie Biopics That Desperately Need To Happen

Excelsior, True Believers, let's have Bryan Cranston as Stan Lee!

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Biopics always provide fertile ground for stories. It’s been said many times that life is stranger than fiction, and this goes double for those with the most eccentric lives.

Musical biopics are having a rebirth of late; Walk The Line’s shadow was long and dark, but recently with the success of Bohemian Rhapsody and heavy promotion of the ‘true fantasy’ Rocketman, they’re back in vogue.

As well as musicians though, there are plenty of other famous figures who’ve either passed away recently or haven’t been with us for a while and still haven’t had their stories told. Astronauts, actors and amazing minds all make the cut here.

Biopics have to do a tricky job of being honest yet entertaining, appealing to fans without sugarcoating and distilling a lifetime of achievements into a couple of hours.

Some of these stars have fascinating stories just waiting to be told, others have tales where the public have barely scratched the surface. There’s even a few where the live and times of the star are well known, but marred in controversy and intrigue all the same; after all, it’s the way you tell them.

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