10 Movie Cliches Everybody Hates

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If you believe the doom-and-gloom crowd, originality is dead in Hollywood, with unique and creative films being released at an all-time low in favour of sequels, remakes, reboots, re-imaginings and so on.

Studios are undeniably keen to rely on tried-and-tested success rather than venture into "risky" territory, and that ultimately encourages the majority of screenwriters and filmmakers to simply rehash established, successful formula.

The problem is that this promotes creative stagnation, with plots, characters and individual sequences themselves being recycled so relentlessly over the years that they graduate to become flat-out cliches.

Though some movie tropes have become so tired and groan-worthy over the years that they can't be used without inciting laughter anymore, Hollywood's coming up with new cliches all the time, by taking appealing concepts and running them into the ground.

These 10 cliches, each of them effective at one point in time, have since become a hallmark for mouldy, thoughtless storytelling, where the goal is less about telling a compelling and singular story, and entirely to do with hitting the broadest genre markers imaginable.

You've never too far away from these cliches abounding while watching a new movie, likely prompting laughter, eye-rolls and exasperated disgust in the process...


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