10 Movie Plot Threads That Were Never Resolved


Writing a motion picture is a tough and complicated process: not only do you have to create strong, believable characters, but you've got to craft a story that will keep a human person interested for up to two hours. In this day and age, that's far harder than it sounds.

Sometimes, then, in the midst of putting together a screenplay, a writer might accidentally forget to, say, resolve one of their plot threads, presumably because he or she has been overwhelmed with the insanity of attempting such an impossibly arduous task. To celebrate the fact that not everyone is perfect, here's 10 important movie plot threads that were never resolved.

10. What Happened To Claudette's Cancer? - The Room (2003)

ClaudetteThe Room is crammed full of so many plot threads that are never resolved that its inclusion on this list can be taken with a pinch of salt: the entire flick is an unresolved plot thread in itself. But since we're inclined to mention Tommy Wiseau's cult masterpiece at every opportunity, we'll draw attention to what is arguably the most hilarious one. In one scene, Lisa, who is planning on duping her boyfriend, is having a conversation with her mother, who, for no particular reason, announces that she has breast cancer. Okay, that's fine: a dash of drama, you say? Well, it might've been dramatic had it ever been discussed again. Wiseau's imagination got the better of him, apparently, given that there are at least two more unresolved plot threads worthy of making the list: at one point, all the major male characters get together to play catch whilst wearing tuxedos. Never explained. Nor is the time that another character gets caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, only for it to never be brought back into the plot. The Room is the only film on this list to be guilty of notoriously unresolved plot threads in a way that actually improves the experience. For that, we're grateful.
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