10 Movie Post-Credit Scenes That Went Absolutely Nowhere

1. Mister Sinister - X-Men: Apocalypse

XMen Apocalypse Blood

The Scene

After Wolverine's cameo in Apocalypse, the post-credits scene for the divisive sequel saw a clean-up team removing his victims and their freshly diced innards from the Weapon X facility. And in amongst the chaos, we see a suited man taking vials of Logan's blood, marked Weapon X and putting them into a briefcase full of other vials.

The briefcase is marked Essex Corps, suggesting the man's paymaster is Mister Sinister.

What It Teased

The appearance of Mister Sinister in a future X-Men movie, with the possibility of clones fighting X-Men.


While we did get clones of mutants - including Wolverine - and a shady organisation using them as weapons, we didn't get Essex Corps and Logan actually happened in an entirely different universe to the main X-Men universe. So it's wrong to suggest that this post-credits scene actually fed into Logan's futuristic plot.

There's a possibility that we were supposed to get another X-Men movie with Sinister as the main villain, but the deciison to go with the Dark Phoenix storyline and Disney's purchase of Fox's Marvel rights means there's no way we're getting it now.

Do any other post-credits dead-ends belong on this list? Share your own picks below in the comments thread.

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