If you decide to remake a movie, you’re ultimately saying: “Yeah, this has generated enough lasting appeal and cultural importance that we can take it, repackage it, and convince people that they should pay to see it again.” Though lots of filmmakers might suggest otherwise, there’s no real other way to see it.

Thing is, absolutely nobody with even vague amount of self-awareness would likely argue against that fact – we all know why remakes exist. They serve to cash-in. To exploit existing properties. To play to our sense nostalgia and zeitgeist  And Hollywood knows that we know, which makes their job even easier: we still go to see these remakes, don’t we? Uh-huh. We do.

Which is why, along with prequels, sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations, remakes are considered to be super hot property. If you remake something, you’e taking less of a financial risk, which is why it’s so much easier for a producer to greenlight something that they know has a good chance of being popular than investing millions in a speculative script with a non-existent fanbase.

There are around about 50 movie remakes currently in production over in Tinseltown. Here’s 10 you likely had no idea were even happening…

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This article was first posted on April 24, 2013