10 Movie Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

As a kid one of the top job titles you probably wanted to have (excluding astronaut and anything sports related)…

Danielle Shields


Spider Man 2 Doc

As a kid one of the top job titles you probably wanted to have (excluding astronaut and anything sports related) was to be a scientist. Who doesn’t want to have white hair sticking out everywhere as you brood in a laboratory mixing potions in the hope to blag your way into discovering something which would make you the next Einstein?

Maybe it was lucky that your science teacher encouraged you to keep that dream job a dream after your high school experiments didn’t turn out as well as expected. Why? Because many directors have found pleasure in enlightening us on how the grand experiments of science can turn incredibly vicious and have dire consequences for said scientist. Most scientists in these movies seem to have the reoccurring fatal flaw of wanting to change the world and revolutionise the human race for self-glory. Most want to have the same powers as God; creating new species’ and finding cures for diseases. We are pretty ashamed to admit that we would have beeen content with inventing Marty McFly’s hover-board.

One lesson we should take from these movies is that we shouldn’t meddle with nature as this always results in doomsday. Take I Am Legend for example, I bet Emma Thompson was pretty chuffed with herself when she created a cure for cancer. Unfortunately it was actually a lethal mutation that caused death to 90% of humanity and turning the rest into vampire Darkseekers. This is pretty bad news for the average human. Unless you are Will Smith and you are immune to any life threatening scenarios that the Earth faces.

For your own caution, here is a top ten countdown of the best experiments that have failed tragically in movie history which you shouldn’t attempt at home.