10 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know Were Coming In 2020

10. Top Gun: Maverick

Paramount Pictures

By the time Top Gun: Maverick debuts next summer, it'll be 34 years since the original film hit screens in 1986. That insanely long wait is quite worrying considering that belated sequels (Indy 4, Independence Day 2) rarely work, and at this point, Maverick could go either way.

On the plus side, Tom Cruise's stellar work as a producer and actor on the Mission Impossible series is proof that he can handle a sequel, and on top of that, Christopher McQuarrie - writer-director of the two most recent Mission movies - worked on Maverick's script, meaning that Cruise is once again paired with a writer who knows his way around an action sequel.

The movie will reportedly revolve around drone technology, giving the series a modern-day spin. Originally set for release in 2019, Maverick was bumped back a year so the filmmakers had more time to work on its complex flight sequences. Delays are often perceived as a bad omen, so it's good to know that the team is using this extra time to make the movie better.


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