10 Movie Spoilers For 2019 That We Already Know

Prepare to go back to New York...

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2018 may be only half-way done, but movie studios are already busy prepping their major tentpole releases for next year, with many of 2019's biggest films deep into shooting and a few even in post-production already.

In the age of anonymous online leaks, it's becoming increasingly difficult for studios to keep their sets locked down when anyone and everyone has a camera phone in their pocket, and so it's little surprise that most of next year's anticipated blockbusters are already being spoiled.

From corroborated leaks to spoilerific test screening reports and sneaky set photos, these 10 spoilers have only amped up anticipation for their respective movies, especially as in most cases the full context of the spoiler isn't yet clear and there's still plenty left up in the air.

Still, studios are no doubt furious that such sought-after information is already out there for some of their most high-value upcoming projects.

And finally, SPOILER WARNING, obviously, for many of 2019's biggest films...

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