10 Movie Trailers That Totally Misled Audiences

9. Bridge to Terabithia

What The Trailer Says: Remember that book you read in school? Well, it's been adapted into a visually stunning film that all the family can enjoy...which is exactly what it shouldn't be. The book was a minimalist story, whereas going by the trailer, this is an overblown fantasy flick with CGI creatures all over the place. The Truth: The film is actually a great adaptation of the book, but the studio, not believing that the more character-driven narrative would sell tickets, played up the fantasy, which only proved unfair for parents who had to comfort their sobbing children when SPOILER ALERT AnnaSophia Robb's character dies at the end of the second act. It was also unfair on the book's fans, who ironically stayed away from the movie in droves upon believing it to be a crappy adaptation of their prized novel, only to find out after reviews came out that, in fact, it was a very respectful and heartfelt film.
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