10 Movie Villains Who Will Kick Ass In 2018

Giant sharks, mutant crocodiles and freaky nuns are about to rule the year.

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An unfortunate side-effect of movie heroes dominating the pop-culture landscape is that their villains are often neglected, or not given as much attention as they deserve.

Case in point: whenever the latest superhero movie opens, the number one complaint is usually "the villain was weak" (see Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, and even Logan), and truly memorable baddies are few and far between.

But regardless, 2017 did contain some high points. Pennywise, Vulture, and The Colonel - among others - were all worthy foes that were able to leave a strong lasting impression, and at face value, 2018 is sporting a number of candidates that should be able to make it into this esteemed club of evil.

There are all the comic-book movie villains you'd expect, with the likes of Deadpool and The Avengers set to face their greatest challenges yet, and on top of these, 2018 is bursting at the seams with an incredible array of villains, meaning that the year is literally anyone's for the taking.

So when 2019 rolls around, which baddies will still be dominating the conversation, and who's going to give our heroes the biggest run for their money?

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